Best show this year so far?


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No, this isn't about how they were funnier in NEW, or the XM days. This is about this fucking year. Why do I mention this? Someone is going to be stupid enough to not mention a show this year.

With that being said, what is the best show this year so far? Best show to me was 4/11.

Opie, Jimmy, Ronnie B, Jay Mohr, Louie CK and later that day they recorded shit with Ricky Gervais and played it on a later date.

So best show this year so far?


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I liked Slave Girl with Patrice and Francine.


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The one where they did that thing and Jimmy laughed cuz Ant and him knew about that thing they did. Opie then did it too.


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The one where they complained about how bad Sirius management is, and how unhappy everybody was.

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Don't know one for this year that was a knock out of the park.

Last year was the Razor Roulette show where it was just everyone getting cut down with all the comics in studio at once. One of my favorite shows to date.


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I've like the shows featuring Erock .

The week Anthony went undercover to get get the Weiner pic.
5/12/11 'The Situation's' Dad; Evil Elmos; Jenna Marbles; Jim Jefferies, 'Make Believe' Cast, Justin Bartha in Studio. As far as entire shows go, this one was rock solid start to finish, every break was interesting with great riffing on the Situation's dago guinea greasy wop dad, Ant catching shit over the peanut butter hat girl, and Jim Jefferies delivered many laughies


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All the shows in April when Anthony was on the cruise

1-28-11 Vinny from Jersey Shore, Uncle Nino, Bobby Lee, Russell Peters, and Brooke Shields

3-30-11 Norm McDonald, Colin Quinn, Brock Lesnar (until the end of the show when Lesnar comes in)

3-18-11 Joe Rogan, Ari Shaffir, Chuck Liddell, Penn Jillette

3-04-11 Kevin Smith, Rich Vos, Bob Kelly (Car Crash Comedy)

2-18-11 Patrice, Bill Burr, Triple H, William H Macy (Minus the part with Triple H)

EDIT: looking this list over, it makes me hate Sirius management even more for thinking regular comedian guests aren't an integral part of the show, and also Roland/whoever OK's the shitty UFC/WWE guests on busy days when great stuff is happening.


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Would pick either the 5-27 show with the fitness challenge and bobos breakdown, or the show two weeks before with Ian Halperin and his hoes being taken apart. Friday shows are usually best.


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I'm going with both Paris Hilton and the leaking of Weiner's wiener.


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Magic on the radio was pretty exciting!
Yeah, I would say that the riveting Magic performance was the best show ever. In other news, I can't wait for Opie to upload another hilarious YouTube video and put out some more poignant tweets!


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One thing I know is that their worst show this year was better than Howard's best show this year.