Best Sports City - 2007


YEAH! Wait. What?
Sporting News names Detroit the best sports city in North America in thier upcoming issue.

With three teams going DEEP into the playoffs, great fan support, great venues (except the Joe) Detroit beats out New York to take the title.


talk amongst yourselves...



Silence, you mortal Fuck!
Plus, free race riots with every championship! Good thing they didn't win anything.

Mother Shucker

I'm over here now.
You forgot to mention that more golfers live in Detroit then any city in America, discuss:


White Death
Hells yeah. But really, Detroit is an amazing sports city.


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zOMG! I'm gonna go right out and buy this issue! Cause this is almost as important and relevant as ESPN's Who's Now tournament.


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Best sports cities

Sporting News top 50 “Best Sports Cities”:
2.New York
3.Dallas-Fort Worth
5. Los Angeles
6. Boston
7. Denver
8. Phoenix
9. Philadelphia
10. Minneapolis-St. Paul
11. Houston
12. Gainesville, Fla.
13. Anaheim
14. Atlanta
15. Miami
16. Nashville
17. Oakland
18. San Diego
19. Indianapolis
20. St. Louis
21. Pittsburgh
22. Salt Lake City
23. Louisville, Ky.
24. Washington, D.C.
25. San Jose
26. Baton Rouge, La.
27. Toronto
28. Seattle
29. Cleveland
30. Cincinnati
31. San Antonio
32. Tampa-St. Petersburg
33. Baltimore
34. Buffalo
35. New Orleans
36. Knoxville, Tenn.
37. Charlotte
38. Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill, N.C.
39. Columbus
40. Madison, Wis.
41. Ottawa
42. San Francisco
43. Kansas City
44. Orlando
45. Oklahoma City
46. Vancouver
47. Milwaukee
48. Jacksonville
49. Calgary
50. South Bend, Ind.
That list is a joke.


Boogity Boogity Boogity...Let's go racing boys...
hahaha...det over ny???? no fucking way...


I suggest you tread lightly
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Detroit doesn't even have an NFL team.
Detroit doesn't even have an NFL team.
I think the fact that anyone at all shows up to Lions games gives some validation to that list, paper bags on their heads or not.


i am lame
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I live in Dallas and I say Chicago should be higher than us. That list fucking stinks.


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Cleveland is behind Baton Rouge, San Jose, Louisville and Nashville?


I have to return some videotapes!
LA number 5??!!
[Opie Laugh]HAHAHAHA[\Opie Laugh]

I was shipped out there for a project at work for 3 months. I went to a game at Dodger Stadium (the nicest stadium I ever went to) and these fuckers leave in the 6th innning to beat traffic! Angels fan are a bunch of drunk Messican messes.

They don't have an NFL team! The Clippers?! Forget about it! And the Kings haven't been relevant since Gretzky left. That leaves Jack Nicholson and his Lakers, whose mini dynasty died about 6 years ago!

Someone please tell me how the FUCK Los Angeles is 5th?!


YEAH! Wait. What?


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dumb list, Edmonton is near the top for NHL, especially during the playoffs.


YEAH! Wait. What?
All these lists and contests and stuff are stupid, subjectional fluff.
But for once WE'RE on top of the fluff list.
All you haters could give us our 15 minutes


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I know what you will all say about Boston, but I have lived here and in Dallas-Fort Worth. DFW above Boston is silly.