Best TV broadcast interruption ever - PBS no less


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That is awesome. Great find. :)


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theyve gotta be on PCP.

max headroom was strange enough

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Whatever happened to Max Headroom and did he ever sell Fudgy Wudgy's?


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I remember that on the news...
its believed that guy is also "radio dan" who used to hijack mancows show and several am broadcasts. mancows best shows were the radio dan interuptions
Here's one of the new ads
Damn. If I was up late, alone in a dark room watching Dr. Who and that fucking shit came on the TV I wouldn't sleep fucking days.

That is indeed some of the creepiest shit, ever.


as a matter of fact i dont have 5$
i forgot about the guy that did it to HBO but they caught that guy i think


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i forgot about the guy that did it to HBO but they caught that guy i think
I remember seeing something like that when I was a kid in Pa. Must have been HBO 'cause I don't think my PBS came from Chicago..although back never know.


I gotta return some video tapes.
this is a great video. Never knew that it happened. I also saw the HBO one on you tube. Not as impressive or creepy. This video is fucking creepy.


Good eeeeeeeevening.
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Pretty damn impressive to pull off in 1987. Awesome on the creepy factor as well.


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You sure this isn't a part of Dr. Who? Looks like English tv to me......