Best Wackbag Screen Name


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Hi Everyone,
A few years ago, someone posted a thread of what is your favorite screen name on wackbag. I figured with all the new members in the past few months, I might as well start it up again.

So, what is your favorite screen name on here, and if you like it, tell us why.
Mine, becuase Opie mentions me on air at least 5-10 times a day.
I also get a lot of Ronnie B mentions as well.


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WiffleBatLube. I wish he'd come back and post.


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I still like "The Kitner Boy". . . it's just obscure enough to be funny on the down-low.


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My fave on here has to be
I also like DanaReevesLungs
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I was all set to run with that gag...but when I saw that it didn't work in the "preview", I bagged it.

Nice try, though!{name}


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For some dumb reason I always chuckle at Xyn. 3 letters, no meaning.


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Sevenyars. When you talk to somebody it always happened 7 years ago. "I left 7 years ago" "got married 7 years ago " ect. Plus no one else was going to say me, I like to see myself on the search. It makes me feel special.


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I've always liked Arch Stanton and although BCH is now known by his initals the name Bert Convey Hair is still pretty funny.

Glenn Dandy

Almost said BCH.... the initials just take away from its true funny nature... but fuck typing burt convey hair all the

I also liked my old one Butternuts, along with the sig had to be the most obnoxious name and sig combo ever in its time period.


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knee cause I have 2 of them and they don't suck