Bet over basketball game led to riot at juvenile detention center

Video of the Aftermath-

A dispute over soup quickly escalated into a riot Saturday night.

During the melee, a crowd of underage offenders burned buildings and stole golf carts at a juvenile-detention center in Polk County.

According to the Polk County Sheriff's Office, a bet over a basketball game led to the riot, which left seven boys injured and most of the buildings at the Department of Juvenile Justice's Avon Park Youth Academy destroyed.

The most serious injury was a broken leg. Others included lacerations and a concussion.

When the losers of a basketball game between offenders from Orlando and St. Petersburg refused to pay up — the teams had bet three canisters of Cup O' Noodles soup on the outcome — a fight broke out, with others quickly joining in.

Security staff at the facility, who work for privatecontractor G4S, were unable to contain the fracas.

More than 150 law enforcement officers from the Polk and Highlands County Sheriff's Offices, the state Department of Corrections, Florida Fish and Wildlife, and the Florida Highway Patrol responded to 911 call from complex staff just after 8:30 p.m., the Sheriff's Office said.

Eighteen of 20 buildings at the complex were burned, and all the staff golf carts were stolen. The Sheriff's Office estimated the damage in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Carrie Eleazer, a spokeswoman for the Sheriff's Office, said the juveniles' injuries occurred when they were fighting with one another and not when the youth were being taken into custody.

No staff or law enforcement officers were injured, and all 138 boys at the site are accounted for, the Sheriff's Office said.

Several of them could be facing felony charges, according to the Sheriff's Office.
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looks like a fun night.......why I don't work at one reason#1


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Having been involved in actual prison riots, I take a very dim view of this sort of thing. IMO, the place should be locked down for as long as it takes to do cleanup/repair, and then double that number. Suspend all privileges and activities. That means no tv, no store, no visits, no phones, nothing. However, they probably don't have the capabilities to do it. This looks like one of those camps they have down there.


Chain the savages together in work crews and have them clean it up.

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A dispute over soup quickly escalated into a riot Saturday night.
Musta been some delicious soup.