Beyond Good & Evil 2.

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Ubisoft has finally satiated the ravenous appetites of clamouring franchise fans tonight with the world premier trailer of a new Beyond Good & Evil game, most likely a follow up to designer Michel Ancel's much beloved action adventure game released in 2003.

Introduced by the company's CEO Yves Guillemot at today's Ubidays 2008 event in Paris, the untitled game was described as Ancel's latest project. What was stunning about the gorgeous trailer was that it utilized the game's impressive in-game engine.

Opening with a view of two moons, the camera panned down to reveal a barren desert landscape, little to be seen aside from clumps of gnarled trees and a broken-down vehicle. On the bonnet sits a mysterious figure, obscured by a bright red parasol, sheltering from the sun. Actually, we say mysterious, but it's obvious to anyone who's played Beyond Good & Evil that this female character is most likely Jade, the first game's main heroine and protagonist.

As the camera continues to plunge down to the ground - pausing to display the title '1. The Pig' - suggesting that we'll probably be seeing more of these little buggers in the future, right up to the reveal of you-know-who, a pool of oil collects beneath the car's hover-wheels. A laser spanner (yes, we're kind of making these terms up now) is strewn in the muck and we're slowly introduced to the form of a sleeping pig, most likely your lovable talking pig companion, Pey'J.

It's probably worth mentioning at this point that although the trailer featured nothing to explicitly confirm this as a Beyond Good & Evil game, even the most half-witted idiot could probably feel rightly confident in their conclusion based on simple deduction alone. Anyway - yes that pig and some business with a fly before the camera pulls away and the image fades. The trailer flatly refusing to put a name to what we've just seen but leaving us in little doubt that the follow-up we've all been waiting for is tantalizingly close to reality.

If Guillemont's claims about the trailer using the in-game engine are true, then we're in for an absolutely astonishing treat somewhere down the line.

No word on what systems the game will appear on yet, but to tide you over for now, here are some screens of the beauty.


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This was one of my favorite games on Xbox. I can't believe they are actually doing it.


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I am surprised this game never took off. The first one got alot of good reviews and hype and no one really jumped on it till much later when the game was available at bargin bin prices. A true gem and hopefully with this sequel in the talks they can bring back the original and a new audience can have fun with it. I would go as far as saying redo the original with 360 graphics and add in some achievements points and you have a hit.

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I loved the first one and I still can't tell you exactly why.


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I can tell you why it never took off. It was way too cutesy for a lot of people. It seemed more like a game Nitendo would develop for the Wii.
one of my favorite games and at the price of only 10 dollars. i heard about the game 3 years after release and it was a defenite classic.


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I'm not the biggest fan of the combat style, but this looks fucking amazing.