Big Apple Anime Fest Convention Report

o Friday October 26:
Basically, I was to leave for the con after work, at 4PM. Due to last minute preparations, I didn't get to the Park Central Hotel until 8:45 PM. I changed into my 'Urban Ranma' costume (that's a ranma shirt with baggy pants and boots) and walked around. Then I spotted a cute sailor senshi and took her pic. Come to find out it was Crissy aka Sunseen Li from the Cosp ML. It also helped that I also wore a homemade badge. ^^ I convenced Tim to let me and Brian stay in his hotel room since the con was right across the street. We met Brian in front of his job, went for dinner and parted ways to prepare for tommorrow.

o Saturday October 27:
Alright, brace yourself... Now, here's most of the fun. Now, me and Brian are going to be in Spin Magazine and that's great! We were going to meet Matt ***** at another hotel, but this came through and it was cheaper. So I went down to the other hotel and met him. We went back to the Hotel Wellington and I changed into my Ranma costume, while Brian changed into his Anthy outfit. He asked us various questions about cosplay, anime, and mainstreaming of it in general. Also taking a lot of pictures in

We went to the Virgin Megastore for an autograph session (I didn't get a chance to meet Matt Miller, the dub voice of Tenchi ) and more shots were taken. So I bought some anime, and believe it or not, some people from Shoujocon spotted me and that was cool! I met two adult film stars, Asia Carrera and Kobe Tai. They're both beautiful and very sweet. I decided to do a solo shot cosplay and I had fun doing it.

Now, while I'm the DGA (Director's Guild Association) Theater, a girl dressed as Shampoo just came out of nowhere, jumped in my lap, hugging, kissing, and snuggling me! As some of you know, I have a girlfriend named Mi Mi who does a Shampoo cosplay and well I was freaking out a bit. I enjoyed it some but I was thinking that Mi Mi sent her to keep me company. So I did a cosplay with her. More pictures taken of us together, which I can't wait to see!

After some sweet talking, I took her to Chinatown with some peeps from cosplay event. Now while we're on the train, Anna (the Shampoo that glomped me) started pole dancing. That in turn got the other girls to dance too. She pulled a butterfly shaped crotchless thong and put it on and danced! The she threw it and I did catch it. Hopefully I would like to give it back to her. After eating and taking some tearful goodbye pictures, half of us went back to the hotel. We made plans to watch "Blood: The Last Vampire". I also ended up on the Volunteer Staff for MAC (Midnight Anime Concourse).

o Sunday October 28:
Okay, sitting there to watch 7 hours of hentai is crazy! Especially when you're there all alone making real bad comments. MAC was more like Mystery Hentai Theater 3000 IMHO. The first hour was a bout those adult cd-roms and stuff. It was kewl, but a guy was talking about it and repeating the text of the characters. That was too much and I left. I went to the other MAC room and stayed there. It was great, but I slept during the showing of Wicked City. I eventually went across the street to the hotel and slept.

I went back tot he dealer's room and bough more stuff. I decided to get Kobe Tai to autograph a t-shirt with my cousin's name on it, to make him happy. Congrats to Crissy for winning a DVD player! To all the single fellas, be nice to her alright? She's a sweet girl so don't make me hurt you. ^^; Back to the report...

Today I walked around as as Duo Maxwell from "Gundam Wing" and not that many people were interested. When I saw a girl dressed as Ranma-chan, I decided to change into my 'Urban Ranma' outfit. More people liked it and so I kept it that way. We said our goodbyes to Tim because he had to leave. I helped pas out information bags to the people on the street, since there was a street fair going on. When Crissy came back to get her DVD player I left too. I wasn't gonna let her go home by herself with it.

o Personal Opinions
To be honest, I thought BAAF was going to be shit. I never heard of travelling all over midtown Manhattan for this. Simply crazy. But it turned out to be better than I had expected. Heopefully the con will be more centralized next year. Only 4 screening rooms, and renting out a theater for anime, is nice! The dealer's table was large! It was bigger that Animazement's! Hell the deals were top tier! Everything was friggin cheap! I bought a ton of stuff! And I haven't finished looking through all I have yet! I will be looking forward to next year's BAAF!


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Wackbag Staff
That sounded like fun. What were the best pieces of anime that you saw??
Uhh... I didn't watch too much anime. But I was watching like 7 hours of hentai tho. Dubbed La Blue Girl returns is funny and Night Shift Nurses is twisted.