Big Brother 2 conclusion....


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I must say I think the right person won, as much as I hate the guy. Will did play the game the best. He was the biggest scumbag, and that's what it takes to win these games.

I also want to say I didn't get to know Kent that well, but just his demeanor and his words showed he was the classiest guy in there.

I still want to bang Nicole, Krista, and most of all Shannon.

By the way if that whole marriage thing was not set-up, Boogie has got some major balls to do that on live television.

Overall it was a good series. I'd definetly say it was 10x better than the first one. It had a quality the first one lacked. It was entertaining!


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I only saw BB2 intermintently and Will was a scumbag stab in the back player.