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so yeah my wife gets me into watching BB8 with her this summer and jesus christ I'm so glad I've got to see this Evel Dick guy. this fucking dude needs to be made an honorary pest and interviewed on the show when he's done with BB. This is the same fucking guy who dumps a cup a iced tea on this hot bitches head. So this morning he fucking goes off in the house. wakes people up banging pots and pans over their beds and yells at them to no end. he's as hateful as evil opie but with jimmy and ants quickness. and btw no you dont have to know the show to enjoy these clips. but to fill you in:

the dustin guy is really gay (hence the "princess", "queen", "bloody ass", "cocksucker" references).

the amber cunt is a constantly crying ugly ass crack-whore.

the eric guy is just a shifty eyed little lying weasel.

the jameka chick is a jesus freak that seams to turn to praying only when she needs something or when the other players are paying attn to her.

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