Bill Burr: You People are All the Same. Netflix, August 16th


You drab South Bend cocksuckers are all the same.
On the newest episode of Bill Burr’s Monday Morning Podcast, Burr spilled the details about his newest comedy special. It’s called You People Are All The Same, and it’s premiering Aug. 16, exclusively on Netflix.

Burr recorded the special in the Washington DC back in March. It will be the comedian’s third special and his newest since 2010′s Let It Go. Burr’s been plenty busy since then. Aside from the wildly popular podcast, Burr sold out Carnegie Hall last year and has had a recurring role as the all-purpose criminal-for-hire Kuby on AMC’s Breaking Bad.

Check out the special this Thursday on Netflix where, in the meantime, you can also watch Burr’s first two specials Why Do I Do This? And Let It Go.
Fucks yeah.

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Now this I could get behind even more than Netflix producing their own TV shows - stand-up specials!

Going to resub to Netflix just to watch this and his other specials.


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That's fucking great! I saw him right after he taped this, so I wonder if it'll be pretty much the same material?


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Things like this are what is going to make options like Netflix & Hulu Plus major contenders for customer share of the cable market.

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I was there @ the taping, Lincoln Theater... Funny shit, I thought it was for HBO though? Hmmmmmm


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Yeah man... Just checked netflix and it's already up there. I know what I will be watching tonight. Bill Burr, and then Louie.

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The only way I can see this is Netflix? Arrr matey! Sorry Bill.
I pay for netflix and watched it, but if someone can shoot me a pm…? ;)


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Just sign up for the free month and cancel before the month is up, just like with Jimmy's special on EPIX.


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This is also going to be distracting as fuck once you notice it, but Bill set the world record for saying the phrase "ya know" in an hour.

Turn his special into a drinking game, take a shot every time he says it.


It's the bitchez that'll getchaz.

SANDRA Bullock is getting hot and heavy with her latest costar, comedian Bill Burr.The actress, 48, became friends with Burr, 44, on the Boston set of The Heat, and pals fear the Oscar winner could be falling for him, even though he’s got a girl*friend.

“Sandy hasn’t laughed so hard or looked so good in years – and it’s all thanks to Bill,” a source told the National Enquirer.

“They’re constantly joking and cutting up together. Sandy says they bonded so quickly because they’re both of German-Irish descent, and they get each other’s quirky sense of humor.”

In The Heat, Sandra plays an FBI agent forced to team up with a Boston cop, played by Melissa Mc*Carthy, to bring down a Russian mobster.

“The crew nicknamed Sandy, Melissa and Bill the ‘Three Stooges’ because they’re a riot together,” the source said.

“One day Bill started throwing Doritos at the girls, and they retaliated by lobbing apples at him!

“Another time he posted a sign on Sandy’s back that said, ‘Kick me, I’m a stuck up Hollywood b****.’ Sandy was completely clueless and walked around for hours while crew members snickered behind her back. Anyone else would have been furious, but Sandy thought it was hilarious.

“Nobody wants to see Sandy hurt again, but it’s just so good to see her beaming.”


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Billy Burr gonna get some high end hollywood pussy?!? A'ight!


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Wow, that's big news. I googled a pic of Nia and she is not good looking. If Burr can bag an A-List, oscar winning actress, I hope he does. She will launch his career to where he deserves to be-he's easily one of the top 5 comedians out there, but no show and limited movie roles.

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Nia's black, right? And not Halle Berry-black, either, right?


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I think Nia is the girl on the right. This pic is from someone named Saundra Williams' myspace.