Bitch fight's!! NICE!!


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I love the grunts. I wish the stinky cam was on. I would love to be seeing this. I'm sure there will be plenty of video from Steve C. I want to see the girl who was sitting on Norton's face. Their saying she's hot. She definetely sounded hot.


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that was some cool shit
And funny as hell that the boys wont fight them knowin those chicks would kick their ass


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I disagree........... it seemed too unnatural..... to scripted..... seemed forced, and preplanned. Spontaneity(sp) is the key to the show not forced bits.

Just my opinion......don't hate me or you can Talk to the judge!!!
To quote 69 Boyz...

"Here kitty kitty, here kitty kity, aw kitty kitty!" :D :D