Bizarre death for latecomer in school


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Nov 23, 2005
Denver, CO
AHMEDABAD: A Standard XI student collapsed and died while running around the ground in the Narayana Guru School here as part of punishment for coming late on Thursday morning.

School authorities claimed that it was a standard practice for every student to run five rounds, each about 200 metres, on the ground before entering the class if they came after 7 a.m., when the classes begin.

According to the principal, no corporal punishment was given to Milan Tanna (16) and he, on his own, started running when he came about 15 minutes late.

There were three other students running around the ground when Milan began his run.

However, after two rounds, he collapsed.

After all attempts by the school authorities to administer glucose and revive him failed, the boy was rushed to a nearby hospital, where doctors pronounced him dead.

The body was taken to the municipal V.S. hospital for post-mortem, the report of which was not immediately available.

The doctors believe that exhaustion could not be the reason for the death and Milan must have been suffering from some congenital heart problem.

His parents, who live at Deesa in Banaskantha district, reached here late in the evening but were in no position to comment on his past illness. Milan’s maternal uncle, with whom he had been staying in the city, was unaware if the boy had any heart problem.

The police said investigation was on to ascertain if the school authorities were responsible for the death.

However, any action against them would be taken only after Milan’s parents lodged a formal complaint.