Black Earl almost DIED!!!


Is alive.
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Well he took a cab, and went to the hospital after feeling sick. He was diagnosted with a ruptured ulcer. He lost a third of his blood and almost died. Get well Earl.



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All kidding aside. Get well soon Earl. We all look forward to your next exciting call from a sticker stop.

Hmmm.. Earl lost a third of his blood. That has to make a man a bit pale. I for one hope the Pale black male recovers and gets back to doing what he's great at: Nothing.

:::Muni::: heh, heh, Earl! :::Muni:::
If anyone was ever a candidate for an ulcer,it would be Earl. He keeps every possible emotion bottled up inside.
Get better Earl.


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I earl (Cross finger) bite it they would not be no black people in wnew :D :cool: