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Ever since Jimmy gushed about The Wire's Omar being gay, I have been noticing "black" gay characters. Then Patrice mentioned playing a gay bouncer as an acting choice then so I decided on making a list.

The Wire's Omar Little(Michael Kenneth Williams) and Kima*
The L.A. Complex's Tariq and King
Spartacus: Vengeance's Agron and Nasir
The Shield's Officer Julien Lowe (bisexual?)
BSG's Lt. Felix Gaeta (Indian/South Asian)
TNG's Geordi LaForge (original script)
Spin City’s Carter Heywood
Will & Grace's James (Taye Diggs)
Tru Blood's Lafayette(Nelsan Ellis)
Six Feet Under's Keith Charles(Mathew St. Patrick)
Nurse Jackie's "Mo-Mo" De La Cruz(Haaz Sleiman)
In Living Color's various sketch characters *
Don't Trust The Bitch In Apartment 23's Ray Ford as "Luther", James Van Der Beek's gay assistant*
Wayne Brady as Neil Patrick Harris's brother on How I Met Your Mother, Wayne Brady*

Kyle(Isaiah Washington) in Get on the Bus
Will Smith in Six Degrees of Separation
Forrest Whitaker in The Crying Game
Wesley Snipes in To Wong Foo
Blair Underwood in In Treatment
Harold Perrineau in Romeo & Juliet
Hector (Patrice Oneal) in In the Cut
Hooper X in Chasing Amy*
Lamar Latrell(Larry B. Scott) in Revenge of the Nerds*
Damon Wayans in Beverly Hills Cop*
Brandon Jackson's Alpa Chino in Tropic Thunder*
Meshach Taylor asHollywood Montrose in Mannequin*

Jesse L. Martin – RENT

*not me

some were reminded from:


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Hooper X (Chasing Amy)

I did not know that about LaForge though


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I don't think you can count LaForge; he was never portrayed as gay on the series itself. In fact, he was always chasing this woman or that.


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Ray Ford as "Luther", James Van Der Beeks gay assistant on Don't Trust The Bitch In Apartment 23.
On a side note, is Transgender (or is it transexual) mostly an ethnic thing? In my neighborhood in LA, there's tons of gay black dudes who dress up as chicks (almost all work as hookers, sometimes out of my buildings laundry room) and I often see one white guy dressed as a chick, but he/she has a normal job at a store, seems more like a guy going through a sex change.

Favorite quote of the month, as I was jogging one morning past two trannies sitting on a curb at 8am (waiting for the free clinic to open) I over heard one say to the other "I would of sucked the cum out of HIS ass". Just two trannies discussing work.
Neil Patrick Harris's brother on How I Met Your Mother, Wayne Brady. That's kind of the joke, though, considering NPH is gay and WB's not, but everyone thinks he is.

I hadn't thought about it, but holy shit it's almost harder to come up with non-ethnic gay characters.


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You all put way too much effort into cataloging your fag spooks. Makes me wonder.
There was a whole movie about this.



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