Black Mesa - Half Life 1 remake.


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This game was released in September. It was an 8 year project to re-do the original HL1 with the modern valve source engine. I've been playing it and it looks pretty good.

This game is completely free. You just need a steam account (free) and download Source SDK 2007 Tool via Steam and then download and install the game. It gives you about ten hours of game play, about the length of the original. Eventually steam will offer the game via Greenlight, but for now you can get it here.

Here is a Game Trailer showing off the new look of the game.



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Gotta admit, they did a nice job of revamping the graphics!


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God damn I wanna play that but I'm not sure my 5yr old Walmart HP would work good.


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The game engine is more than 5 years old so your old HP might swing it.