Black Sabbath announce new album, 2012 world tour

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Tony Iommi couldn't give poor Jimmy the scoop. :icon_mrgr

Veteran British rock band Black Sabbath said on Friday they are reuniting in their original four man line-up for a new album and a world tour.

The band, which recorded its last studio album of all original material in 1978, told a Los Angeles news conference they would perform at the Download Festival in England in June 2012, and then embark on a world tour.

Guitarist Tommy Iommi, singer Ozzy Osbourne, bass player Geezer Butler and drummer Bill Ward first got together in 1969. After a revolving line-up for a number of years they got back together for the 1998 album "Reunion" but split again afterward.

Rumors of a possible reunion of the English metal band, which has sold over 70 million albums, have been swirling for months.
I liked the new Heaven and Hell material. This should be interesting.
It probably won't be as good as Heaven and Hell. But I'll give it a listen when it comes out.


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Weren't they going into court like a year ago?

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Haha, poor super fan Jimmy got denied this delicious information by his idols.

I respect the men as much as the next metal fan, but I don't know about a new album.

Might be a good novelty.
I bet jim got the news off air.

and this is great news. Saw them at Ozzfest like 10 years ago.

Epic, as the kids are saying.

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i heard this a few weeks ago.

wasn't this proven false? that Tommy Iommi was misquoted?


it was false as in unconfirmed or nothing set in stone but now it is 100% confirmed


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How did I miss this and make another thread 2 days after? Dammit. Anyhow, great news. Heaven and Hell was great.


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The new album is tentatively titled "I Pooped My Pants."