Blago is guilty


Guess who's back? Hoffman's back
Sep 28, 2006
Northern VA

CHICAGO -- A jury has convicted Rod Blagojevich of nearly all the corruption charges against him, including trying to sell or trade President Obama's old Senate seat.
Jurors delivered their verdicts Monday after deliberating nine days.
Blagojevich had faced 20 charges, including the Senate seat allegation and that he schemed to shake down executives for campaign donations. He was convicted on all charges regarding the Senate seat.
He testified for seven days, denying wrongdoing. Prosecutors said he lied and the proof was on FBI wiretaps. Those included a widely parodied clip in which Blagojevich calls the Senate opportunity "f------ golden."
Jurors in his first trial deadlocked on all but one charge, convicting Blagojevich of lying to the FBI.
Blagojevich already faces up to five years for the lying conviction.
I can't imagine he's going to hold up all that well in Federal Pound Me in the Ass Prison.
Dec 8, 2004
Well I don't think they are going to put him in a super max... prob club Fed... minimum security.