Bleck US lawmaker says white man told her to 'go back where you came from’ and sheeit...


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Yuck, what an embarrassment he's become. He always looks like he's about to cry now.
He's a one trick pony repeating his angry propaganda monologue to the clapping seal audience for years now


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Ok I watched that WHOLE 15 min interview..
She keeps saying its simple assault and harassment, not free speech. He supposedly voted for her but she wants him arrested and thrown in jail.

Shes complainaing that he came back after his friends saw it on the internet and asked him if he did those things. Well, he came back to refute the lie he told you to go back where you came from or your country. I would too. But no it's because racism. Even though he voted for her its racism and hate and cannot be tolerated.

And it seems to me he had an issue with bringing 20 items to the 10 item or less lane. She claims she was going to split into 2 orders under the guise of "teaching her daughter to shop who was excited". The split between 2 people is the hackiest express lane exploit. He didn't like it, appreciate, nor was he going to stand for that kind of cheating without challenging it.

More importantly at 1430 she keeps trying to say her story was corroborated by the witness but keeps saying Colloborated. Am I hearing right? Collberated?


Had a similar incident just last week at the local Supermarket. A beaner mom and her mini bean burrito, who was maybe a year old, slow looking with beady shifty eyes.

So the li'l bean burrito, sitting in the cart tart seat, as his mom was interacting with the cashier, reaches over and starts to grab at the candy. The li'l fucktard would have gotten it too if his moms didn't intercept it.

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Still no store vidya (I'll keep looking)... but the Cuban Skrimp is gonna sue for defamation of character...



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The fact that it hasn't been rushed out there tells you all you need to know.
I hear Lefties are doubling down on this bullshit. They'll do everything they can to prevent any sort of video evidence going public. Maybe even cut out crucial moments like they did with the Rodney King video, where they broadcast only the last 11 seconds of a minute-long video which showed King lunging at a female police officer, which got him his first whack with the club.

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Getting ass-***** in The Octagon, brother.
The Cobb County Police Department said Tuesday that no charges will be filed in a confrontation at a grocery store between a black state legislator and a man she accused of demanding that she “go back” to where she came from.

The department said in a statement that after an investigation state Rep. Erica Thomas and Eric Sparkes were both told to contact the county’s magistrate system if they want to pursue lesser charges.

Thomas’ attorney, Gerald Griggs, said Tuesday he hopes the department, which was investigating potential simple battery charges, conducted a “robust investigation” into Sparkes’ background. He said he plans to ask the magistrate court to investigate.

Simple battery is generally defined as the unauthorized or unlawful use of force to the body of another person which results in an offensive touching or physical injury.

Fuck outta here. Even in the most heinous interpretation of her side of the story, there was never any accusation of physical contact.