Blender's 100 Days That Changed Music


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Nov 23, 2005
89. July 6, 1977
Roger Waters spits at a fan during a Pink Floyd show
The incident would inspire Waters to write The Wall, a masterpiece of rock–star alienation and anomie.
and the wierdest movie ive ever seen

22. December 8, 1980
John Lennon murdered
Never mind what the calendar says: This is the day the ’60s died.
2 days b4 i was born. kinda stole my thunder into the world.


Jan 25, 2006
79. April 1, 2032
Guns N’ Roses’ Chinese Democracy released
Weeks after Axl’s death in a tragic tanning–bed accident.
Why include a joke?

76. January 1, 1994
Max Martin quits cashiering, starts producing
Millions of teenage girls feel the sudden urge to squeal.

41. July 6, 1957
John meets Paul
The teenage music geeks encounter each other when Lennon’s group takes part in a village festival; McCartney impresses him by playing “Twenty Flight Rock” on an upside–down guitar, and the partnership that would become the Beatles is born.
41?? Seems like that's bigger than #1 of them performing on Sullivan.
I wonder if Paul understands how lucky he was to have met a genius who could carry his boy-band shit.

66. December 13, 1967
Grateful Dead debut “Dark Star”
The live epic that spurs the birth of the jam–band movement.
Finally a good one.