Blow Energy Drink - Wonder Why they got a FDA Warning Letter

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Street Drugs Alternative

Dear Ms. Gulla:

This letter concerns your firm's marketing of the product "Blow" on your website, According to information on your website, Blow is marketed as an alternative to an illicit street drug and is intended to affect the structure or function of the body.
The following information found on your product container or on your website demonstrates that your product is intended as an alternative to an illicit street drug:
• The name of your product, "Blow," is well known street drug terminology for illicit cocaine, and as such suggests that the product is intended to affect the structure or function of the body. In conjunction with the information below, the name "Blow" may suggest to the ordinary observer that the product may have effects on the body similar to cocaine.

• The letters in the product name appear to be spelled out in a white granular substance that resembles cocaine powder.

• The product labeling and website contain multiple images of a white granular substance that appears to be cocaine powder.

• Some of the images that appear to be cocaine powder illustrate that the powder has been "cut" by an object (presumably a credit card or a razor blade) and formed into "lines," suggestive of the practice used to divide cocaine powder into very fine particles to increase the efficiency of nasal absorption prior to insufflation, i.e., snorting, the most common method of using illicit cocaine.

• The product comes packaged in a vial suggestive of street drug paraphernalia, such as the small vials used to store "crack cocaine."

• Well-known terminology associated with and suggestive of illicit drug use is employed, such as in the names of products sold: "The Stash Box Sampler Pack," "The Recreational User Pack," and "The Fiender's Hook-Up."

• Multiple photographs and other images are used that imply illicit cocaine production, storage and transport. These include:
• a photograph illustrating bare-handed sieving of a white substance resembling cocaine powder,
• camouflaged vehicles with palates of white bales - presumably cocaine - in an unpaved, remote-looking area, and the image of a speedboat being followed under the gun of what appears to be a law enforcement officer in a helicopter, suggestive of illegal cocaine trafficking and distribution.


Wonder if they have it available in second tier near the glass...