Blue tortilla chips

Do you like blue tortilla chips

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i'm sitting here eating Cape Cod blue tortilla chips with sesame seeds and I cant stop. Anyone else like the blue ones.


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Love the Bearito brand with black bean salsa.....Stock up on terlit paper though.


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The sesame seeds sound good, as does the black bean salsa.
As far as the chips, I don't notice enough difference between the white, yellow, or blue corn chips to matter at all. To me, they're functionally equal.

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Ehhhhh, fuck it, as long as it has a good home-made salsa.


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If you eat them do you get a bluetooth?

Mphh....I got nothin.


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If you make a mistake and wipe forward, you'll get blueballs.


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I like the blue ones. However, I wonder if the difference in taste is due to the blue corn or the different brand.
Never heard of them. I'll have to look around and see if I can find them and give them a try