Board Matters ( not this board)

I used to hang out at a place called I mean I loved to post there as much as I do here. But until recently, it seems that there's been radical changes. No more Avatars, no more icons for your post count, severe penalties are added for spamming. Now there's a 4 post count per 24 hour period. This is bullshit. I mena, how can u limit posting to 4 times a day?! I found out the webmaster who's an anal prick is strapped for cash. I tell ya this, people are quickly gonna leave that site. I already made up my mind and decided to leave. Mostly everyone I chatted with there is on my buddy lists. Do you think the changes there are fair to the other members? I think it is except for the 4 posting rule.
Hell no that is not fair at all. You can only post 4 times a day. Let me ask you this then what the hell is the purpose of having a message board still anyway.


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I would want pop-ups before a 4 post rule went in effect. And there are plenty of free servers, just find one that would allow cgi... ;)


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I dont think that is fair what so ever..4 posts a day is totaly wrong..I mean it is a message board you should be able to post as much as you want to..

Sorry to hear that the board is like that ran-chan