Bob Kelly and the Staten Island dopes.

Rich W.

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For those who weren't at the late show @ the Stress Factory this past Sat night....

Besides Bob Kelly killing in his set...there was a table full of Iroc driving, never read a book in their lives, sopranos watching, Zipper headed goombas who wouldn't shut the fuck up at the first table near the stage. Whith their docile, subserviant, over hairsprayed, awful wives...they weren't heckling per se'...just being assholes. You could tell the chick who opened for Bawby was thrown off by them...But Our chubby lil' Mr. Kelly would have none of it...and when they got up to leave in the middle of his set...he turned it all around on them...calling one particular douchebag wanna be gangster out in particular...this wasn't a bit...Bawby was *HOT*, and he hilariously destroyed this intellectually inferior wop...and these morons pathetically tried to come back with cliche' tough guy banter, and unoriginal retorts...They eventually skuked out like the cunts that they are to a huge ovation from the crowd.

Kelly was fucking awesome.


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I went to the early show. Bawby ripped on a pretty boy Tom Brady lookalike sitting up front, and it was good natured ribbing.

Oh, and of course, Bawby killed, and he was real cool to my girl and I when we met him after the show.