Bob Kelly - August 2, 2007 Show


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Man, he totally killed. He's such a great third mic when it's just him. We may have even got a new puke sound drop from him.

Bob "fat like a planet" Kelly is again, my hero.


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yeah, he was great . i was getting a little pissed at his reluctance to get nuuuude tho. no homo!

The Keeed

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Yeah, he was pretty good, but he's much better as 4th mike when Jimmy can shit on him. Burr and Patrice are still better, and Louis CK if they ever use him as that again.


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Yeah I have to say Bob Kelly usually doesn't make me laugh a lot when he's on like Patrice or Louis CK does but today he was fucking brilliant and had some great lines that made me laugh out loud literally. I personally have really been enjoying this week's batch of shows....some great shit in there particularly between yesterday with the concert talk with Patrice and now today with WTHIT and Bob and the "hot" doctor