Bobby Knight.

Well Knight may get the Texas Tech job and take over that program and return to college basketball next season. Also he is gonna sue Indiana University for slander. Good for him i think Indiana was wrong for what they did to him. That student set him up.


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I don't think that guy should coach again. If i ever got a coach like that, i swear i would have beat him up. I was hoping that he would join a NBA team and i was hoping he would do something stupid as he did in indiana. One of those player in the NBA would have choked him to death.
Knight is a great coach and deserves to coach again. He made a few mistakes. Im sure we all have made mistakes sometime or another. Knight has such passion for the game of Basketball i think sometimes he just cant control himself. When he got fired at Indiana it was not fair cause the student who accused him of stuff was the son of a reporter who has bad blood with Knight no doubt he set him up.