Body parts found in poconos

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"The remains were found in garbage bags in eight different locations..."
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Woman's Remains Found on I-380 and I-80 in the Poconos

Tuesday, January 29, UDPATED: 6:32 p.m.
By Trish Hartman

State police and investigators from two counties are now involved in the case of human remains found along Interstates 380 and 80.

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I-380 was down to one lane near the Gouldsboro exit late Tuesday afternoon as investigators searched for evidence.

State police said body parts of a light-skin woman were found along Interstates 80 and 380. They remains were found in garbage bags in eight different locations, spread out over a 15-mile radius on I-380 and a five-mile radius on I-80.
PennDOT crews were salting the roads about 9 a.m. when they found the first bag near the Mount Pocono exit. They called state police.
State police then began a wide-spread search for the rest of the remains.
"At this point no, we are not comfortable we have found all the pieces. We have certainly done a search of Interstate 80 in Monroe, Carbon, Luzerne and Columbia counties. Again, could something be dumped down the side, certainly," said Lieutenant Robert Bartal.
The remains were spread out over eight different locations in Monroe and Lackawanna counties.

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State police first found human remains on I-380 near the Mount Pocono exit Tuesday morning.

"Most of it is along Interstate 380 on the northbound side. We have one site discovered on the southbound side, then we have a site eastbound on Interstate 80 and a site westbound on I-80. There are a total of eight sites," Bartal added.
Troopers have been working on the case all day after shutting down I-380 in Monroe County when the first body part was discovered.
Traffic has been restricted along I-380 all day as troopers gathered what information they could.
Drivers at a near-by rest area on I-80 said they're shocked.
"It's unbelievable, unbelievable. Eleven years I'm working with them (PennDOT) and first time I heard of it. I can't believe what's going on," said PennDOT worker Angelo Delugio.
"That's the way life is. There's a lot of crazy people in this world," said trucker Dave Latham.
Many unanswered questions remain. "How long it's been there we really don't know at this point. We're hoping that anyone who may have seen anyone dumping any kind of bags along the interstate will give us a call," said Lieutenant Bartal.
An autopsy is scheduled for Wednesday and it's hoped that will help investigators identify the woman. Troopers are also going through missing person reports to see if they could lead to a name.


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Severed Head found along I-80

I sure hope no one ran it over.

SWIFTWATER, Pennsylvania (AP) -- A woman's severed head was found Tuesday in a trash bag along an interstate highway, one of eight bags containing body parts discovered beside expressways in northeastern Pennsylvania, authorities said.

The parts are believed to belong to the same victim.

It was unclear whether all the body parts have been found, investigators said.

The first bag was found Tuesday morning near the Mount Pocono exit of Interstate 380 by a worker salting the highway, investigators said.

More remains were found later Tuesday along I-80.

Authorities searched I-80 in four counties, state police Lt. Robert Bartal said.

The woman's identity was not immediately known

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February 06, 2008

SWIFTWATER (AP) -- Authorities say a woman whose severed head and dismembered remains were dumped along highways in the Poconos was supposed to be an alibi witness at a robbery trial.

Police say officers looked for 36-year-old Deanna Null at her last known address in Scranton on Jan. 24 but were unable to locate her. Five days later, her remains were found in trash bags strewn along Interstates 80 and 380.

Null didn't testify at the trial of a man who said he was with her at the time of a robbery he was accused of committing. A jury has convicted him.

State police Lt. Robert Bartal says police are receiving conflicting information from different witnesses concerning Null. But investigators say she is described as a transient with a history of drug-related convictions, who was known to go missing from time to time.


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By David Kidwell
Pocono Record Visual Editor
March 08, 2008

Charles Hicks, 33, of Tobyhanna, has been charged with murder and dismemberment in the Deanna Marie Null body parts case. Null's dismembered remains were found along interstates in Monroe and Lackawanna Counties in January.

Hicks was arrested Saturday morning and arraigned by District Judge Thomas Shiffer in Stroud Township around 1:30 p.m.. He denied involvement in the murder. "These guys are telling me I did something I didn't do," he told reporters Saturday.
But police say they have plenty of evidence against Hicks. They found two severed human hands, wrapped in newspaper, and hidden in Hicks' bathroom.

Hicks told cops he smoked crack and had sex with Null a couple of times but denies killing her. Hicks began working at Tobyhanna Army Depot in January. He told police he moved to Tobyhanna around the beginning of February. Hicks can't remember the last time he saw Null. Police say he was the last person seen with Null.

On Tuesday, Kimberly Lombardo , who lives near Hicks, told police a car matching the description of the suspect's car had been parked at Hicks' house for about six weeks.

On Thursday, police searched Hick's car, a Mercury Grand Marquis, and found work boots in the trunk. One boot had red stains that later was tested and proven to be blood. Hicks confirmed the boots were his and when asked about the blood said, "I can't explain that."

Friday night Pennsylvania State Troopers swarmed Hicks' house in Tobyhanna. a day after a judge signed a search warrant for the residence. They are still on the scene at this time scouring the house for more body parts and evidence.

In addition to the two hands they discovered, cops also found new black trash bags and a hack saw in Hick's attic. Police describe the trash bags as identical to those found filled with Null's body parts along the interstate back in January.

Null, 36, was supposed to be an alibi witness at a robbery trial. She spent time living in both Williamsport and Scranton. On Saturday, police described her as being homeless.

Police looked for Null at her last known address in Scranton on Jan. 24 but were unable to locate her. Five days later, her remains were found in trash bags strewn along Interstates 80 and 380. Her head was found about 200 yards from Hick's house.

Hicks had several run ins with police when he lived in Texas. He was charged with assault in 2002, sexual assault in 2003, and robbery in 2007, In 2006, police in Virginia charged him with assault and drug possession.

Hicks was taken to the Monroe County Correctional Facility where is is being held without bail.

Watch for updates online today and in print Sunday.


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