36-24-36 woman

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C is fine by me, perfect balance. And they have to be real ones.


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C is always the best. Bigger will turn into a mess later in life, and smaller means they have to make up for it in ass.
Wow, C is running away with it. Really thought D would win.


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My ole lady has a nice set of C's. . . I LOVE 'em!!!:D


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I am double D and that's not even a choice. Nice poll.
C is fine by me, perfect balance. And they have to be real ones.
Agree 100%.

And that's not to say B's would be too small or D's would be too big. Totally depends on the form of the woman, but overall C's would look best in my mind.


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C's. Not too big, not too small. (I'm not particularly a breast man myself. Give me a good ass and killer legs any day.)


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Doesn't really matter. Small but real is always better than big and fake.

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this is truly the only answer. My first girlfriend had a tinsey tiny rib cage (30) and G-cups :jump :love: :love:

I eventually migrated from dating girls with big boobs to dating girls with big rumps...but I've always been a boob man :D :icon_redf


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E & DD are the same thing. :action-sm

And for any DDD's, that is called F.
not it's really not. an E is too big for me.

Up to one inch difference is cup size B

Up to two inches is cup size C

Up to three inches is cup size D

Up to four inches is cup size DD

Up to five inches is cup size E

Up to six inches is cup size F

Up to eight inches is cup size G


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always been into the d to dd's my self, however I won't turn down the chance to look at a set of a's if she is old enough to show me without me getting in trouble.


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the measurement 36 includes the boobs, its not a bra size, in that case with a 36 ass a c or a d would be normal, anything bigger and her back would have to be really tiny which would mean if she had a 36 ass measurement she'd look like a midget