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Police arrest man accused of slashing vehicle tires in SE Portland

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Officers have arrested a man accused of slashing multiple vehicle tires, officials said.

Police confirmed they arrested Robert Bradford, 24, Monday evening and have charged him with criminal mischief.

Bradford was arrested at Southeast 17th Avenue and Southeast Morrison Street after a neighbor called 9-1-1 to report suspicious activity, police said.

Dispatchers said the 9-1-1 call was placed around 9:30 p.m. Monday.

The caller reported hearing a car window break and then saw a man, later identified as the suspect, riding westbound on Morrison Street on a bicycle.

Gordon Androschuk said his SUV was one of the many that was targeted. When police got to the scene, they contacted Bradford -- who appeared distraught, Androschuk said.

Officers at the scene said they have counted at least 10 vehicles that had tires slashed out. Some of the vehicles had multiple tires slashed.

Androschuk said he witnessed the alleged crime spree and told KOIN-TV that the suspect was using a knife.

Police have not said if a knife had been recovered from the scene.

The damage to the vehicles is extensive, police said.

One vehicle had all of its tires slashed, both side mirrors and several glass windows broken.

Officers pointed out that several vehicles in a fenced-in parking lot owned by Century Link had been damaged as well. Investigators said they are hoping to pull surveillance video from the building to see if it shows anything.

Police said they expect more reports to come in throughout the day. Most of the damage was centered along Southeast Morrison Street, between 17th and 19th avenues.

Sgt. Pete Simpson, a Portland police spokesperson, said anyone who is living in that area and finds damage to their vehicle should file a police report by calling 503-823-3333 and referencing police case number 12-103475.

Bradford is expected in court Tuesday afternoon, officials said. Additional charges are possible as reports are filed with police, police said.