Boston Hard Rock Photos


I think unicorns are real kick-ass
Hopefully I can post these correctly.

Furthermore, I want to point out that these are from my cellphone. Not the greatest of quality.

Okay, here goes nothing.

Club Soda Kenny doing some karaoke

more to follow...


I think unicorns are real kick-ass
Anthony and a really fucked-up Fred Toucher (from Toucher and Rich)

And here is G.H.

I left during the costume contest, so I don't know what else transpired.

I had quite a laugh when Anthony called one contestant in a gorilla costume Patrice O'Neal.


I think unicorns are real kick-ass
I bet he's doing Monster Mash.
Sadly, he didn't remember the words to it and instead rambled through "You Shook Me All Night Long" by AC/DC. Not a "traditional" Halloween song, but a classic nonetheless.


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I bet it was a blast... Without the pressure of doing a live broadcast..

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wow your camera phone sucks -- but glad to see that some actual O & A fans were in attendence


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Vietnam phone? Looks like it was fun thou :) Thanks for the pics


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photos courtesy of the Fisher Price Digital Camera
I wish I could have been there. Kudos to MinusBlindfold for grabbing some shots.

Why can't my Halloweens be this enjoyable? It'll be another year of waiting around the frontdoor in my bathrobe, with a Snickers bar tied around my cock.
Camera phones are the bessssssssssst... bleh! It would be better to have sketches


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Did Sonny get in?

Heard only 4 O&A fans made it in 8(

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he used the winky, it's okay Ope!

btw...looks like you've got a hole in your jeans :action-sm


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And you wonder why he fucking hates us?

They're on the radio, who cares?
Honestly the only thing I'm tired of is the boys being pissed when we criticize their appearance. If we were in studio they would shit all over us its part of the show that at some point they figured doesn't go both ways. Fuck em on that aspect. They keep insulating themselves in that way, its not good.
Now everybody go look come to their defense and say you just dont get it dude. Fuck you all, you know im right. I have on a gameplay headset with a mic so i'm right.