Bret Hart (a retrospect)

Now ofocurse we all know that Bret Hart Has Retired after he was let go (FIRED) by WCW. after a long and illustrious career but how pathetic was his exit? Actually he never had an exit. This man gave his heart soul, body and life to the sport and what did he get in return? Not a damn thing. He led the WWf McMahon even signed Hart to a 20 year contract at one point because he knew hart was the WWF till shawn michaels came along and then Vince felt Bret wasnt needed as much anymore and that led to the famous screw job in Ontario in 1997. then hart went to WCW where the genious writers there stuck him in midcard matches and then making bret do stupid things. That all led to the Gladberg match that ended harts career.Yet goldberg got off scott free and took 6 months off paid. But hart got a concussion thanks to a man who has no wrestling skills (goldberg) and a man who wcw can't afford to blame because he's "Da man". So bret saw his salary get cut by wcw until they treatened to cut him off completely. Well They did they fired bret hart because he didnt wanna do anything but wrestle. A man who was a true wrestler a excellent mat technician and truly the greatest technical wrestler EVER. A man with good moral decency never to sell out to something he didnt believe in. And a man who got screwed over all his life because he wanted to be a rwestler in the game of wrestling not an actor or a comdeian but a wrestler.

Bret hart we will all miss you and wish you the best of luck.
I always liked Bret Hart and i give the man much respect for what he has done in his career but man WCW recked him big time who wanted to see The Hitman be a winer always talking about how he got screwed.

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I have to agree with you gonzo bret hart has always been one of my faves ever since i was a kid he is a true fighter
and the guy is amazing
he will be missed

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Well he is retired but there are some hints of him returning to the ring some time in the future. Where i dunno but it would either be WWF or this new Fed that Hogan and Bischoff are trying to start i would imagine.



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Well yah, I know what your talkin' aboot. That's what it's all aboot, He was what he said he was. The best. Only problem with him was his pride. He did not want the biz to change, but it already had. Hat's off to him anyway. He was the best, and that's what it's all aboot!..canadian prick..oh!!

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Heh heh LOL!!! Yeah Canadians do talk like that is fucking funny A.



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Fucking canadians, ay...I am a real american, I fight for the rights of every man.
nah dont hold your breathe hart will probably never come back to any of the "Big Three" you can forget about him ever coming back to the WWF he'd rather die first and mcmahon wont be thrilled to take him back either.

After what wcw did to him he won't go back there

and ECW is not an option he doesnt fit there and if he hates the sex and violence in the wwf he sure as hell wont like ecw.

If hart does wrestle ever it will be probably the indie circut or in canada.
I guess he has morals or something!!! Who doesnt like sex and violence its great.