Brian Regan, March 16th., Tarrytown Music Hall

Mother Shucker

I'm over here now.
Got two tickets, bringing my son. If you have never seen him live, do yourself a favor and go.

They are in the "pre-sale" faze right now. The password is song.


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You and your son have fun tonight, i'd be there if I wasn't still financially/physically recovering from busted ribs (slipped on ice) 6 weeks ago ...I expect a full report! :)

Mother Shucker

I'm over here now.
Great show Pat. Wish you where there:

For everyone else, that is a picture of me and Pat at a Regan show last year at Westbury.

The ride up was not as bad as I feared. No traffic whatsoever and arrived two hours before show. Picked up our second row tickets at the box office.

Just like at Westbury, Paul Mercurio opened and did a decent job. Say what you will, I like his crowd work.

Then, the master came on. I am telling anyone who has never seen Brian live, he may be the best comedian to see live in the last fifteen years. While I love listening to his comedy, his physical presence is amazing.

He did about 40% brand new stuff. And as usual in a theater setting, came back and did some classics for an encore. He is the last minute or two of the show. He closed with "Pop tarts".


Mother Shucker

I'm over here now.
Once again, talking to myself. Thanks for leaving me hanging Wackbag.

Mother Shucker

I'm over here now.
Well, since no one cares about the Tarrytown show, maybe you will get a kick out of this:


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My wife and I sat in the balcony but the show was great. First time seeing Brian live and couldn't have had a better time.