Brian Regan Unmasked 09/09/07


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Has anyone received a confirmation to attend this unmasked? I have not, but I was a little late sending my request to XM.

If you have received a confirmation and you have room for a guest, how about bringing a Goober?:D


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I wrote in for tickets.... never got a reply, and I wrote in moments after they announced it.


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Brian Regan

Sat, 12/29 | XM Comedy - XM 150
Sun, 12/30 | The Virus - XM 202

One of the hottest comedians working today—and for the last two decades—Brian Regan is a touring sensation. He can sell-out small rooms and big theaters regularly, without a sitcom of his own late night talk show. This week, he takes off "the mask" for Ron Bennington and a crowd of super-fans in XM's Performance Theater.


Did that ever happen on 09/09/2007?

If not, is this the Brian Regan Unmasked you were waiting on?

I only found it, because I was looking at lil' Jimmy's unmasked schedule.