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I bought a new construction in Texas and the builder left 700 to 800 bricks in the garage. Why do they do this and wtf am I supposed to with them? I understand some boxes of tile etc but this is ridiculous. Is there value in selling them or should I just load up my truck and shitcan them?


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At Home Depot bricks cost $2-5 apiece depending on what they're for. Also, you could build some outdoor landscaping features with the leftover bricks; that's what I did with a bunch of slate that was left here from the landscaping they did before I bought the place.


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You paid for those bricks.
The cost of materials was rolled into the purchase price of the property.

Do something smart with them, like smash your cock between 2 of 'em.


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If you just want them gone, post up in the local craigslist free section.
Or try to get some money..

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Seriously? Who the hell can't think up a worthwhile purpose for 800 bricks?

A patio, a nice mailbox, landscaping, a nice brick pathway, etc...

Chuck 'em in the trash? Seriously?

At least put them in a sack and throw them at people...



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Paint dumb shit on em and go
to a flea market and sell em.
Some people will buy anything.
They're for ventilation. Just throw them through your windows and you'll have a nice cool breeze in no time.


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Christmas is coming up. They can be stocking stuffers.
What you want to do is break them down and mix them with some baby laxative. Then portion them out into little baggies. Preferably 10oz per bag. Then hire some salespeople to help move the product for you. Pretty soon, the money will just start rolling in.


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or you could just leave them there and have a great conversation starter


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Ya cover them with fabric and sell them as door stops.
It'll be the rage at the flea market, I'm tellin ya...

They'll sell like the proverbial hot cakes!



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Start shaking down the local businesses for protection to help pay off that mortgage. Utilize bricks for those that don't pay.


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Could you use them to wall off a safe that will never be used?


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Wrap then up in paper, and when you get junk mail tape the return envelope to then and drop it in the mail box and let them deal with them.


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Sell it to the schwoogs as the latest in ear wear fashion.