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Bastard coated bastard w/ bastard filling
Mar 26, 2005
Washington, DC
Ok, here's the deal as outlined by a good friend of mine:

There's a situation where I work, we're trying to migrate all the data from the old servers owned by the company in which this company spun off from to the new servers here. It's very messy and very disorganized and there are are a lot of duplicate files which we plan on cleaning up with a program that scans for them. The problem is that this is a common drive and nobody knows who the files belong to, it's quite ubiquitous and everyone has something stored somewhere. It would be an 18 month project just to clean it up and organize it all.

I was trying to think of ways to create incentives so that all the users would want to come in and organize their own files themselves, that way it gets done quickly and saves a ton of time and money. Since it is a common drive I don't think quotas are possible, what would be some good ideas in this situation? I've thought about it for a while now and can't seem to come up with anything that works very effectively. Was hoping that someone else had already faced this problem before and already knew of something that would work.
If anyone has any methods, tools, or people who could help facilitate this stuff (outside of creating incentives for the actual employees doing the sorting themselves) they would be really appreciated.



Wackbag Staff
Aug 14, 2000
Divide the users into teams. Collect a bunch of the files in one spot. Make it impossible for them to hide or create directories to hide files.

And for every file they put in their permissioned spot they get 2 points (or some value that is weighted based on workload& number of files)

but after a time limit if another team finds a file that belongs to them in the bin the team that that file belongs to looses 1 point and the other team gains 2 points if the file puts it in the right spot.

Checking of each teams files is then done with a deduction of 3 points for each file that is improperly placed by another team and that file is placed in the bin for the next period.

(Only their time) then (competitive time) then (one team check's all their files found by all teams:1->2; 2->3; 3->1 rotating)

The team's folders will be divided by user.

Virtual Directories
{TEAM 1's own stuff} {Team 1's stuff found by Team 2} {Team 1's stuff found by Team 3}
{TEAM 2's own stuff} {Team 2's stuff found by Team 1} {Team 2's stuff found by Team 3}
{TEAM 3's own stuff} {Team 3's stuff found by Team 1} {Team 3's stuff found by Team 2}

Some award for each period which leads to a bigger award for the team with the most wins.