Bring back the Silent Game!


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Nothing helps bring a boring/rambling caller from the abyss of radio shit to greatness like the good old Silent Game. God dammit I miss that. I refuse to believe they can't get a few rambling dummies with it.

It reminds me of a few years ago when any slip up would end in the caller being grossly embarrassed in some shape or form. Of course, that was when they could go to call after call after call and keep a bit going... but now I'm rambling.

Anyways, does anyone else miss the shit out of that gag?


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I miss Bad Guest Day as a whole.


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I miss them playing culture club while jimmy is the middle of yelling about something.


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Silent game ruled but I really enjoyed "Has Been" interviews.


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I love the silence game. I've heard them do short versions of it here and there, just long enough to make the caller feel like an asshole. Cracks me up everytime :)


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Meh, I like Steve From Yellowstone far better as a way to end a call/ embarrass a caller. There is nothing like screaming "Ramone" followed by horrible obscenities to liven up a dull conversation.


The 9/11 Moon Landings Were An Outside Job
Eh. Steve from Yellowstone was okay but most of the time the caller didn't seem to understand what was going on (e.g. they didn't get Jim's words) or realize it was a bit. It was fun for the audience but the silent game was far more cringey for the guest.


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I miss What's In Your Pants?


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Steve from Yellowstone was good for celebrity guests, but the silent game is a great way to fuck with a rambling caller.

I think they're nicer to the callers because the phones weren't working properly for a while, so they decided to give callers the benefit of the doubt.


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Bring back the silent game! And also on occasion scary news teases, I miss that.
I miss the talent being happy and not bitching about not being happy. Basically, I miss 2008. Plus the Lazlow show being on more than once a year is also missed.