British news media sucks

Norm Stansfield

In fact that whole society sucks. How the fuck can you not recognize a joke? Holy fucking idiots. They're worse than our retards.

Here's what Jeremy Clarkson got in trouble for. Look at these stupid cunts:


Oh, and here's the monumental bomb he actually apologized for:
I was wondering about this one


take that LULAC!


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A great majority of the British press is like the National Enquirer

BBC can be the exception, sometimes


I think Clarkson is too big to fail at this point.


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Anyone who knows Jeremy knows it was a joke. He's has always been about that direct humor. It's what makes him one of the funniest guys on this planet. And it's so unique. At least from an Americans point of view.


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That wasnt british news, Where were the tits and stories of big foot being a tram conductor in Holland?

also Clarkson has to apologise every other week its not a big deal, no-one takes it serious


I'll give em a state, a state of unconsciousness

con TROVV ersy??

That's a new one. wacky brits.
Sounds like something from the Tonight show or Seinfeld's stand-up show.


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Top Gear generates an obscene amount of revenue for the BBC. Clarkson should never apologize to anyone.

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Fuck those tea-sipping, crumpet-eating, whatever other British stereotype-based adjective assholes.

Chino Kapone

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I think we all see the funny. There are just too many unfunny old British cunts without a sense of humor.


I'll give em a state, a state of unconsciousness
I could use tea and crumpets right now. Fuckin' Starvin!