Britney Spears Does It Again!!

You're right Mad, no virgin can make those moves. It's not something you can learn in dance class.
Dam im the one to blame for her learning those moves, and no it wasn't dancing either
where she learned them. ;)
B2k, I'd heard you were a Playa, but I had no idea you taught that girl how to move. Mad props.
Mad, please Don't post spankable pics like that, I have a heart condition and can't take the pressure. [lol] :D


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I saw that concert. And there is no way in God's green Earth that she is a virgin.
She is very pretty and has a great shape.
But she is so pounding Justin.

Philly Kid

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who knew

midnight cowboy man molest children??????

george also bought his leBarron...

why have u forsaken me.......

Philly Kid

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jon voight for the idoits...

ps.. timberlake aka wood fag "pretends" he gets wid her..
now we know we are in hell . when the lead of the school play gets the hot chick/..

sweet sweet jesus make it stop
I recognize the one with the snake... he said she was hotter than any Pamela Anderson pic there, is that a loin cloth? Britney's gorgeous, she makes the rest of the women in the world self-conscious. love and licks, angel