Britney Spears is DEAD!!!


Is alive.
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An O&A like Prank:
False Britney Spears Rumor Sparks Confusion in LA

Reuters Photo

By Dan Whitcomb

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Britney Spears is alive and well, her publicist has said, despite rumors of her death in a car crash with her pop star boyfriend Justin Timberlake that triggered hundreds of frantic phone calls to Los Angeles authorities.

``There is no truth to the rumor circulating around the world that Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake were involved in a car accident on Tuesday,'' Spears publicist Lisa Kasteler said in a statement about the false report.

Kasteler said that Spears, 19, and Timberlake, 20, were both in ``great health'' and hard at work: Spears recording a new album and Timberlake on tour with his teen heartthrob band 'N Sync (news - web sites).

The Louisiana-born Spears, whose album ``Oops! I Did It Again'' was one of the best-selling releases of 2000, was scheduled to perform at a concert at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles on Saturday.

``Representatives for both Spears and Timberlake are looking into the situation to determine the original source of the rumor and if legal action is appropriate,'' Kasteler said.

Police and fire officials in Los Angeles were deluged with phone calls on Tuesday night and into Wednesday after the phony report was apparently spread by two San Jose-based radio personalities, known as Kramer and Twitch, whose program was being broadcast in the Dallas, Texas area on KEGL-FM.

According to a report in the Dallas Morning News, Kramer and Twitch told their listeners that Spears and Timberlake had been in a car crash in Los Angeles, leaving Spears dead and Timberlake lingering in a coma.

Kramer and Twitch cited a ``source'' in Los Angeles as giving them the scoop and said that Cedars Sinai Medical Center there had confirmed the report, the Morning News said, adding that the pair also made reference to apparently nonexistent wire service reports.

A Los Angeles police spokeswoman said her department spent the night answering phone calls from reporters and distraught fans of the pop couple.

``We got hundreds and hundreds of calls last night and more this morning based on a false report by a Texas radio station,'' the spokeswoman said, adding that fire officials and local hospitals were also inundated by callers.

Local news radio stations in Los Angeles reported the hoax on Wednesday and assured listeners that Spears -- one of the top-selling pop artists in the world -- and Timberlake were not dead or gravely injured.

KEGL could not be reached for comment on the report, but Gabrina Soliz, a spokeswoman for the station's corporate parent Clear Channel Communications said officials there were looking into the incident.
I would be sorry that they had died but to call up the police???? That is going a little to far for in as short time the news media would have told us what had happened. :rolleyes: :p

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Britney Spears father just died in a plane crash in Goomba feilds near Chicago. Yes Shaka Spears father of the 19 year old bimbo no talent went down with engine trouble by the Bridge ova trouble waters, Almost hitting Solid State Univ. and the Public School right next door Contact High. He was flying his single engine plane. His neighbor Amos Behavin said" He should have been flying the fancy not the plane" His best works out just year on the best seller list was titled "Ill do my daughter if it will sell books" died at the age of 345. He wont be missed at all and................................Rumors suck
Ill bet this goofey story makes it to the Daily News tomorrow Then I will S my pants lol
I would bet she would look like a whore at the funeral. I would fuck her on top of the coffin.
Do you think anyone would mind if i took her father out of the coffin for a few minutes so i could fuck his daughter inside.


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If she really was dead, i would hope they'd be smart enough to sell her dead body on the Don West show late at night. Imagine that- (loud screaming hell bent voice) "Here tonight folks, we have a one of a kind item- DEAD BRITNEY SPEARS, DEAD BRITNEY SPEARS, DEAD BRITNEY SPEARS, Be dialing"
I dont think Brit ever had a father. I think her mother made her ion the computer. like weird science lol. :rolleyes:


Is alive.
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There is Still Mandy Moore and Christina.... :D ;) ;)