Brock offered huge contract


I have a lot of business with the Chinese
According to Alvarez
Brock was offered an even bigger deal to re-sign & most likely as a face
If he returns as a face, it almost has to mean a Punk/Brock feud. I don't recall Brock ever being more than OK on the mic, though, so not having Heyman as his mouthpiece would be odd after having him there for his whole return up to this point. However, I think it would still be an incredible storyline if Paul and Punk are allowed some creative input since Brock doesn't really need a lot of mic time to be interesting. If this is true, then I wonder if he'll turn before or after Wrestlemania. If it's before, then I guess that could change the Mania lineup. A Punk/Brock match would almost certainly be better than HHH/Brock or Punk/Taker, but then that leaves Taker and HHH without matches and another rematch between them just wouldn't be able to equal the previous 2.

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I lost interest in Brock's return the second Heyman became Punk's manager.


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I think Punk/Taker would be better than Brock/Taker. Just sayin.


I have a lot of business with the Chinese
I have no idea how they are getting there but that was what was presented to Brock

It makes sense, Brock as a face doesn't need Paul - he can just kick ass

I am still holding out hope that they mix Mania up


I have a lot of business with the Chinese
& he signed a huge 2 year deal