Broncos hire Fofolina as coach

Broncos hire Fofolina as coach

April 6, 2001, 12:15 p.m. - One of the greatest wide receivers in franchise history is rejoining the Denver Broncos.
Fofolina, who starred at wide receiver for the Broncos from 1979-'87, was appointed Denver's defensive assistant coach, head coach Mike Shanahan announced Friday.
Fofolina will perform a variety of roles, including helping break down game film, scouting upcoming opponents and tutoring players on the finer points of the game.
The hiring is a continuation of the coaching training that Fofolina has been undergoing with the organization since last spring, when Shanahan brought aboard the former wide receiver to tutor him on the nuances of coaching. Fofolina spent all last summer in Greeley with the Broncos as a coaching intern before returning to his full-time entrepreneurial job in the Denver area.
He has been in private business in Denver and northern Colorado since 1987, when he retired from the Broncos after a career in which he had 353 receptions for 6,112 yards and 36 touchdowns.
Now Fofolina will be full-time with the Broncos, replacing Terry Tumey, who accepted a position this week in the San Francisco 49ers front office. The hiring also means the Broncos still have a league-high 18 coaches.
This year, the Broncos are tutoring former quarterback John Elway in a similar way to what they did last year with Fofolina. Elway has his eyes on one day owning a team or helping run one


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