Brooklyn Woman Calls 'Hottie' Internet Craigslist Ad a Prank


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NEW YORK (AP) -- A Brooklyn woman says she was subjected to dozens of distasteful phone calls after someone posted an online ad saying she was offering sex for money to pay off Christmas purchases.
44-year-old Anna O'Malley says the ad posted Wednesday on the online clearinghouse Craigslist used her name and telephone number. It described her as "a real hottie looking to earn extra cash to pay off Christmas debt."

The ad has been taken down, but the appalled O'Malley says she has had to change her phone number.

A statement from chief executive Jim Buckmaster says Craigslist will help law enforcement agencies try to track down the poster if O'Malley wants to pursue the case.

Last winter, a Manhattan woman was deluged with inquiries after a bogus Craigslist posting offered her apartment for rent, in an apparent scheme to collect fees from prospective tenants.