Brother Weez.

That show rocked it was pretty good. Opie was funny. I tuned in late around 9pm where was Anthony? Did he call in?


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I missed the I no answer's. It was good huh......what's he music or talk ???


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What in the world is a Brother Wheeeeeze and if he is that great where has he been??????????
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Well Brother Weez is a friend of Opie he was the one who thought him about radio. He has his own show i forgot where. Guido from the hour i got to hear it was more like a spinoff of the O&A show like a mini show without Ant.


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antonoy is not going to hear the last of it for not showing up
Yeah i guess he will. Maybe Anthony was at the XFL game over at Giants Stadium. I hope the guys are live on Monday and that 82 inches of snow doesnt stop the show.


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i would like to know it it was for one week only are is he coming back this week
No i believe he is gonna be live every Saturday night. I dont think O&A would be in studio every week but you always have the chance that one of them might drop by or call in.


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I loved the show he did well on it...

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