Brothers run at bear to save younger sister


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Brothers run at bear to save younger sister

A family had a close encounter with a bear while celebrating Father's Day during a camping trip in Wyoming, NBC-2 reports.

The Kelly family had a relaxing Sunday morning breakfast, but apparently they didn't clean up as well as they initially thought. According to NBC-2, a bit of bacon grease was still on the campground grill, and that was enough to draw the attention of a bear.

Two staff members of the camp came to warn the Kelly family that a bear was close by, and that's when 11-year-old Baden Kelly sprung into action.

Baden began screaming in order to get the bear's attention. He was able to distract the bear long enough for most of his family to run into a nearby cabin.

However, his little sister Moriah, perhaps due to the shock of the situation, didn't run.

Via NBC-2:

"I said, 'Run, Moriah,' and she didn't run, so I got to her and I started running with her, and that's when the bear started running after us," Baden said. "By the time it got to about 10 feet behind us, my brother [Logan] came running really fast out of his cabin and shouted very loudly."

Baden told that he "was scared because of Mariah and she’s just little, she wouldn’t have been able to fight for herself. So I had to make a choice and do that.”

Logan's hard-charging bravery and Baden's refusal to leave his sister's side led to a happy ending for the family.

Mom Kamila Kelly told NBC-2 that Moriah gave all the credit to her two big brothers. "The moment I saw Moriah being brought up by the staff, it was just such a relief, and she jumped into my arms and said, 'Baden and Logan saved my life,'" she said.

Dad Brandon Kelly expressed his pride in his two boys. "He is definitely a hero, both of our boys are heroes today," he told

And even though many people would rethink their camping hobby after a face-to-face encounter with a hungry bear, Baden's enthusiasm for camping didn't appear to be waning.

"I love camping, I love the outdoors, it’s just the experience," he told "It’s something that can make you stronger."


Wow, wasn't expecting that to have a happy ending.


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I wasn't going to eat them, I just wanted them to see my flame shirt.


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For the most part, bears are pussies. Yeah, I said it.


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For the most part, bears are pussies. Yeah, I said it.
Well he was probably just angling for an easy meal, not a fight. Yogi would rather just head to another camp site instead of dealing with a "challenge".