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O&A brought up a good point. That the old bugs bunny comics are being editied becasuse "some" people think that they are insensitive.
Also the "Little Rascals".
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Thats bullshit this country is fucking getting worse cause of censorship fucking faggots and women actavists are assholes.


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Are you fuckin kidding me on this shit...now that is just fucking crap and that makes no fucking sence what so ever god damn stupid parents
I agree with you guys. It's all those pussy assed men who always got beaten up at school that do this shit. Oh and let's not forget women too. We can see a comercial about a girl with a fuckin oozing yeast infection, or how her tampons don't hold, but we can't see Bugs chop a guys head off? Gimme a damn break!



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Censorship needs to stop, I agree. Though I really don't watch looney tunes that much anymore. I know I had my time and I enjoyed those cartoons and I'm not a phsyco. The parents of america have to wake up and realize that they are the responsible ones. Not the fucking cartoons or wrestling or etc..

Wabbit season, duck season is the most classic looney tune bit ever. And since when is it wrong to shoot a duck in america? They want the kids of the new millenium to pussy foot their way through life. It's sad. I've got five words for those censoring bastards " Get in the coffin sir".
Thanks alot IMOVERHERENow;

Seriously, if anything censorship is going to be more stringent as the years pass. I hate to admit it, but are country is being overrun by pussies who claim to be men, actually calling them that would be like saying that Al Gore is the next Jay Mohr, so their just bitches. And speaking of bitches, women too, are becoming more and more involved in the censorship of TV, News, and Radio. Man, if something isn't done, we'll all be listening to 10-10-Wins, nooo!