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The problem is this movie worked because it was small scale, but sequels by their nature need to be bigger.

As for tying it into the Bayverse, I think the only connection is Bernie Mac in the teaser. I don't think they even allude to Bumblebee fighting Nazis in this.

But the Bayverse films changed their mythology several times, often in the same movie.
They don’t need to connect to the Bayverse.

I’m glad that
wasn’t in this one because they can save him for the next film especially since it wasn’t
til the end where Bee met up with Optimus
Saw it tonight...Definitely liked this version of the Transformers. I didn't really care for the extended story about Charlie and her family. I do hope if we get a sequel, it's more robot fighting action and less human BS.

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I enjoyed this.

I wanted more on Cybertron. I may have geekgasmed at that entire sequence.

It was corny, but it fit the tone. I hope they push this universe further.