Butcha or Khemystri?

Who's da Man?

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I like khemystri's flow.


Good eeeeeeeevening.
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Ok I totally wanted to vote for Khem and clicked on the wrong thing... HELP!
I vote vote vote for for for whoever whoever ever doesn't doesn't have have have an an n echo echo echo
Anyone know Butcha's myspace? I'd like to hear his side. Oddly, Butcha wasn't on Khem's top 8.:action-sm

But if I can say one thing to Khem... release your album. It's been almost 3 years now. Still waiting to hear it.:icon_cool

And I would like to now enter myself into the rap battle as Grand Master DJ Ice Cold A/C


You can go fuck.
No offense, but Khem lately sounds like a bootleg sage francis, especially his last drew boogie joint. Content was iffy, but cadence was fine. Punchlines were... kind of flat because they were predictable.
Always digged his stuff though and got grins from it.
He's got a strong presence due to his former hits and has always come consistent, there's no shortage of beats on his end, either.

Butch, on the other hand, the rookie. He sounds like a bootleg copywrite, except copy had a lot of skill 7 years ago. Points go to him on the preference to the hard shit. Except, I dunno why he'd ever want to rhyme over a fabolus beat if he likes the hard stuff, just blaze hasn't sampled a good album or done a good beat in years. :icon_roll

Most stuff I've heard from Butch sounds rushed, and overdone though. His cadence is off and I've heard enough filler in his lines to find the content predictable, and uninteresting. It needs to be worked on if he cares about his craft.

The stuff about not having beats? Well, I hate to say it, but producers have been charging 350+ for beats well before kanye was stealing roy ayers albums from whpk and got famous. That's not an excuse. At all.
Never really battled? ouch. I can't say I know one person who rhymes and hasn't been in real battles. That oughta hurt, you don't hone your skills by battling your boys.

Again, most stuff he's done for the show does sound rushed, and cliche. I'd suggest him working on his adlibs because khem will tear him up on those alone.
When I think of butcha rhyming, I can't help but think of :

Advantage goes to khem. but... both have really the same weaknesses. Either wouldn't be hard to knock out. This isn't going to be a battle of skill, though. It'll be a contest of who wins the crowd fastest. Khem pretty much wins there.

I'm available for ghostwriting, fees negotiable. :D

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Steve from Bayshore's Elvis tunes are more my speed... I have the musical tastes of an Older Gentleman.

Miss Pappy's "Moster Rain" song.

Probably Stoned

I am not good at this.[edited]
I am very white and from a small town on the California coast....¿Rap Wars?....whaaa?

I vote Henry Rollins spoken word.


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Khem is on my IPod. Nuff said.


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Defnitely Khem. Butcha sounded like a John Cena wannabe.


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Khem > The Butcha of Faghdad, but I prefer rock screams and guitars in general.



I'm calling for the banning of anyone who does not vote for khem. It's just not right.