Butt Implants Gone Bad


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Taken from the site: awfulplasticsurgery.com

These are butt implants gone awry. The subject is rather thin and the implants selected for her rear end are too large. Her butt implants look freakish. At least the implants were positioned naturally, but ill-suited her frame.

Haha, that's awesome. When she's bending over, it just looks like she's got a freakishly muscular ass, but when she's standing up straight, you can tell something's fucked up.


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It looks like she got pregnant from anal sex.... mmmrmmph mrmmmph.
Jesus fuck...

You give us that one from the site, but this one is 1 bajillion times better



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I found this on that site too:

mmm....sexy ;)


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The picture for the butt implants isn't coming up.

Edit: Nevermind