Bye Bye X-Files


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Bye Bye X-Files

''The X-Files'' to end run in May
By Steve Gorman

LOS ANGELES(Reuters) - The truth is still out there, but in a few months ``The X-Files (news - Y! TV)'' won't be. At least not on network television.

The Fox network said Thursday its signature show about paranoid government agents confronting dark, unexplained forces will end its nine-year run in May with a two-part series finale co-written by ``X-Files'' creator and executive producer Chris Carter.

The show, which helped define Fox as a network and generated big bucks for parent company News Corp., has seen its ratings and critical support erode since founding star David Duchovny bowed out of the series altogether at the end of last season.

His original co-star, Gillian Anderson, had already been planning to leave the show in May, when her contract is up.

But the series will likely live on for some time in broadcast syndication, where it ranks as the highest-rated off-network hour on TV. A second feature film based on the show also is in the works.

Fox executives agreed to pull the plug in May after Carter informed them he wanted to wrap the series at the end of its current season while it still had some life, ``rather than (the end) being sprung on us,'' he said.

Carter said Duchovny told him he was interested in coming back for the finale, ``but it's all about doing it right.''

Carter added he intends to tie up most of the show's mythological loose threads, including whether Scully's baby was fathered by aliens and explaining what happened to Mulder.

As to the overarching question of whether there really was a takeover of Earth by extraterrestrials, ``you'll know something about that,'' Carter said. ``This is a show that deals with the unexplained, and to explain the unexplained is kind of tricky, so we do it in our very own 'X-Files' way.''


Debuting in 1993, ``The X-Files'' originally centered on special agents Fox Mulder (Duchovny), a believer in the paranormal, and Dana Scully (Anderson), a medical doctor and skeptic, as they probed unsolved FBI (news - web sites) cases involving UFO sightings, telepaths and mutants while hidden forces seemed to impede their work.

Its cult following soon snowballed into mainstream success, and the show won 15 Emmy Awards over the years, including an acting prize for Anderson.

TV Guide chief critic Matt Roush said ``X-Files'' was one of the few TV dramas that succeeding in dealing with the supernatural without seeming hokey.

``It was a kind of 'Twilight Zone' of the '90s,'' Roush said, referring to the popular thriller anthology series hosted in the 1960s by Rod Serling. ``It was dense and layered and sometimes really, really scary. Few shows can pull that off.''

As Duchovny phased out his involvement last season, former ''Terminator 2'' co-star Robert Patrick joined the cast as Scully's new partner, agent John Doggett.

However, many fans felt Patrick never managed to fill the gaping hole left by Duchovny, whose chemistry with Anderson had been a major element of the series. Besides, Mulder had been the driving force behind the show's premise.

``The show was about his quest to discover the truth of a conspiracy of an alien takeover. You take him out of the equation, and the whole thing kind of collapses,'' Roush said. ''It's like 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show' continuing without Mary Tyler Moore.''

While the series lost much of its former ratings luster this season, ``The X-Files'' has remained a key fixture at Fox, helping to pave the way for similarly edgy new dramas like ''Dark Angel (news - Y! TV)'' and this season's espionage thriller ``24.''

Roush said ``X-Files'' was the first serious drama on Fox to win critical acclaim and one that cemented the broadcaster's reputation ``as the network that really took risks.''

``It was instrumental in putting Fox on the map, plain and simple,'' Fox Entertainment Television Group Chairman Sandy Grushow told Daily Variety. ``It helped define the network. It alerted the industry to the fact that we could succeed with quality drama.''

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i gotta tell ya SoS,i haven't really watched the x-files in the last couple of years,but the goddamn freakiest episode i ever saw was the insest one! remember that one? the redneck family who's been interbreeding (is that aword) for like 2 hundred years!!