Cabela's Big Gamer Hunter 2012

Looks cool, I'll pick it up when it hits $20.



I have the 2011 version, with the gun controller. Freaking single player is a pain in the ass when attacked by wolves.


Go back to your shanties.
People actually play these? Are they fun?

For PC, these were always the bargain bin games at like Office Depot and shit.


I like to play the arcade mode. It's like Duck Hunt with HD graphics. Killing critters is always fun.
My wife bought this for her dad for father's day... Honestly, it's amazing for a Wii shooter.

I can't really describe it, it's like MW2 meets Big Game hunter meets that weird game where you have to shoot bonuses for insane ammo, score multipliers, etc. You get like 5 rounds of semi-auto rifle and single shot shotgun in a weapon switch situation. Big game you have to kill with rifles, birds have to be killed with shot gun. (That's a huge spoiler by the way, my little fucker brother in law kicked my ass until I figured that out)

Long story short, it ain't Final Fantasy, but goddammit it's fun. If you like Wii games, and like shooters, it'll be worth your while.

I would suggest the full rifle set-up, though. At least some sort of Wii gun set up. I would imagine it's almost unplayable without it. It moves very fucking fast.