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I found this, and it is quite informative.

Psychic Miss Cleo Is Really a MAN?!

Turn on the TV and chances are you'll eventually see Miss Cleo, the Jamaican clairvoyant, advertising her amazing psychic services. Miss Cleo knows your future--be it romance, career choices, family, or health. At least, that's what the commercial wants you to believe. Well, guess what? There's something about Miss Cleo we didn't know! She's really a guy. Named Steve. Mind you, the woman who stars in the TV commercials IS a woman. But according to Newsweek magazine, the Miss Cleo business isn't operated by Miss Cleo at all. It's operated by Steve Feder, a 51-year-old Florida businessman with a waterfront mansion and a Mercedes. Steve is the mastermind behind a network of hundreds of psychics--all based in their homes. Miss Cleo is one of them. But only one. (Whew, she's not just an actress.)

Dozens of customer complaints caused Missouri Attorney General Jay Nixon to sue the company last week. Pennsylvania did the same a year ago. It seems that Miss Cleo, er...Steve, is billing customers for services that are advertised as being free. In addition, the company is calling folks who have requested to be placed on a "no call" list; that's a violation of Missouri state law. "From our view, Miss Cleo is some guy named 'Steve,'" Nixon told Newsweek in its August 6 edition. Steve, of course, disagrees, saying that none of the claims is true. --Cathryn Conroy
Wait, so the Jamaican lady in the commercials isn't really a psychic? She's actually Steve Feder from Miami?
This is the last time I put myself out there, I had no idea this was fake.
I'm done with infomercials now, this sucks!


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Miss Cleo is actually a Character that the jamacian lady portrays, Just Like Tony the Tiger. The whole shin dig is operated by Steve Feder, a 51-year-old Florida businessman with a waterfront mansion and a Mercedes.


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Oh lordy lord on that one...geez thanx sos
Okay, so Miss Cleo isn't real. I can accept that, but Tony the tiger? I've seen him in those commercials with real people,running by in the background...
Now you're ruining my whole childhood SOS.